Beef Middles" - can be used for Leona Style Sausage, all other types of Bologna, Dry and Semi-dry Cervelats, Dry and Cooked Salami and Veal Sausage. Beef Middles are measured in sets or bundles of 9 and 18 meters (29-30 feet and 57-60 feet) each.
Beef Middles can be sewn so that they have a uniform diameter and a uniform length, with or without a hanger (stitching loop).
  Beef Middles    
Average Approx.
Average Approx. Stuffing
Capacity Per 18-meter Set
45-50mm 29-32 kg
50-55mm 32-36 kg
55-60mm 36-41 kg
60-65mm 41-45 kg
65mm/up 45 kg +

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